Welcome to J P Communications. We specialize in custom business computer and networking solutions. Today more than ever companies depend on computers and technology for every facet of business. The productivity gains of computers are immense. But all this productivity comes to a screeching halt when the computers and network are not working at peak performance levels.

We at J P Communications are your Information Technology (I.T.) platform providers. Whether you need a single computer, all the way up to a corporate enterprise network, we can help. At J P Communications we sell new computers, networks and components at the best prices you will find anywhere. We also service computers and networks. But the biggest advantage we offer is the ongoing relationship to help you plan and maintain your system and prevent disasters from crippling your business. We answer the questions you never thought to ask. We will help you prevent viruses, plan backup strategies, share resources, host your web site and e-mail, and much more.

Information technology is the lifeblood of today’s companies. Call or e-mail us today for a checkup to make sure your network is in top shape.

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