About Us

You can not get a full appreciation of where you are going unless you know where you have been. At J. P. Communications we have been servicing and maintaining computers since the 1960’s. Our experience is based on a broad range of technologies from the earliest days of punch-card equipment to today’s fastest, most powerful computers. This depth of skills enables us to work on anything from DOS based platforms to all versions of Windows, to network operating systems such as UNIX and LINUX. This depth of experience enables us to troubleshoot the most complicated problems you may encounter. Without this background you can make a bad situation worse. 

Even the most seasoned computer professional will still encounter stubborn problems that are seemingly impossible to troubleshoot. Our specialty is the determination to see a problem to conclusion whether that means fixing or upgrading existing systems, buying new, or a combination of both.

The most economical way to run your I.T. operations is to plan out a sound strategy and stick with it. This is true whether you have an existing system, or you are planning an entire new network. 

You can accomplish all these goals by partnering with J. P. Communications to be your I. T. consultant.