When personal computers first became useful office tools in the 1980ís and 1990ís, individuals could suddenly perform sophisticated tasks that used to take many hours manually. Unfortunately, new problems developed in the ability to share information and resources such as printers, applications and data between employees. 

Enter the network (otherwise known as a Local Area Network, or LAN). Networks sprouted to connect these isolated islands of information. Existing offices and new offices alike were wired to try to streamline this newly computerized world. Often the results were not what the office manager had hoped for.

Many office networks today are operating at levels far below where they could or should be, costing the company time, money, and reduced workflow, and compromising security.

J. P. Communications can help by: 

  • Analyzing existing networks for problems 
  • Solving existing problems 
  • Working together with the client to determine and implement the ideal networking plan for their particular company.

Many corporate networks work well below the level where they should be. Examples may include:

  • The computer network seems to work, but there is no firewall or virus protection software, leaving huge security risks.
  • Users are employing an ineffective back-up; or worse yet, have no back-up plan in place to safeguard vital company data.
  • All printers, scanners, plotters and other resources are not readily available to all the users who need them.
  • The list of possible inefficiencies is endless...

Let J.P. Communications visit your office to discover ways to optimize and plan for future productivity.