New / Repairs / Upgrades

Q. Should I buy a new computer, or repair or upgrade the one I have?
A. We at J P Communications are your single point of contact for all of your computer, hardware, software and networking needs. You can trust us to advise you of the best solution for your unique situation.

Q. I bought a new high-end computer last year, but we canít run the latest version of our computer aided design program. Can you help us?
A. Yes. Often it is more economical to upgrade your existing hardware than it is to start over buying a brand new computer. Maybe all you need is a memory or a graphics card upgrade. We will come to your business and diagnose your computer needs, make recommendations, and do the upgrades necessary to bring your system to peak performance, while saving as much of your prior investment as possible. 

Q. Our company has a dozen computers that are seven years old. We are planning on installing a new accounting system. Do we need new computers? What do you recommend?
A. If you are running seven-year old computers, chances are almost certain that they will not run todayís modern software applications at peak performance, if they run them at all. 

You can go out to a department store and have the sales clerk tell you what you need. Chances are that you wonít get the best fit for your exact needs. Our consultants have been building and repairing computers, and information systems since 1983.

Also, many off-the-shelf brand-name computers that you buy in these major outlets purposely have a built-in obsolescence. For example, graphics cards on many popular models are not replaceable, so the only way to upgrade your computer is to discard it and buy a new one. This is exactly what the manufacturers want you to do!

Instead, we custom-build computers with the best quality components available that will allow for superior performance and future upgrades. This saves you money and aggravation in the long run by not having to replace your new computers every year.

Q. We are finally going to computerize our business and we donít know what to get. Can you help us?
A. Yes. We carry all the most dependable brands of computer hardware, software, components and accessories. We will help you plan the best computer or network solution for your needs, and then design and implement it in the most efficient manner for your short-term and long-term needs. 

Q. Who are your primary clients?
A. While our main focus is in the business and home office sector, we have worked with several individual users as well.

Q. I have a specific question and / or I would like more information.
A. Contact us with your specific question. One of our friendly knowledgeable representatives will promptly get back to you. If our staff member does not have the answer for you we will get it for you from one of our many partners. For more information on our staff click here.

With J P communications itís not just a sale, itís a relationship.